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 Proud and very positive about ADHD.



 Photo of young student playing piano.
I love playing the piano.



Sometimes it could be easy for members of society to see young people with ADHD negatively!  As media often portray ADHD in a negative format.  It has often worried me that there is too much highlighting of negative issues centred around ADHD.  So I was delighted to be contacted earlier this year by a young student who is very positive about his ADHD.  Showing society that having ADHD doesn't mean you can't make a positive contribution that benefits the community you live in.  This young boy has set up a website to help and support children with ADHD and their parents to understand more about ADHD.  This site shows a very positive attitude demonstrating that the difficulties doesn't need to stop you showing society that you a valuable member and that you can make a valuable contribution.

This was certainly music to my ears I am well aware from my own experiences of having ADHD that there are many difficulties.  However we also have great skills and talents that support the community's we live in.  It is so easy for society to focus in on the difficulties around ADHD and over look the skills and talents people with ADHD often have.  This is why the " hi2u for people with hidden impairments" website, awarded this young student "The  Big Award" Your Site Has Scored A Goal.  This award is given to sites that either make a contribution for children's services or sites that are designed and built by children to support members of society using the Internet.



 Photo of student with the award.
Feeling very proud with my award.


This young student has provided society with a positive image for ADHD and he has also set up a website to support members of society to understand how positive ADHD can be.  Therefore I feel proud and privileged earlier this year to provide an award for the students website "hi I have ADHD" at the following link; 


ADHD I'm proud. - Hi I have ADHD.


 Photo of student holding a baked cake.
I love Baking!


As you can see from the photos on this page. This boy is multitalented with lots of different interests and abilities. However that doesn't mean there are no difficulties with having ADHD and being positive. Fitting in with society when you have ADHD can be very difficult at times even if you have lots of skills and talents. I sometimes think ADHD is like having lots of interests, skills and talents rolled up together with lots of difficulties. This can make it very difficult fitting in with society unless appropriate recognition and understanding to enable equality has been put in place. Likewise life can also be very difficult unless there is good understanding and the willingness to adapt accordingly to needs at home. The following link will take you to a page with an article by the mum of this "ADHD I'm proud" boy/young student.


ADHD – My labour of love.
By mother of a proud to be ADHD son.





Article by Andy Hayes 17th of September 2013



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