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The biggest thing in my life is golf.

by Jordan,
who has Autism Spectrum Disorder and Tourettes.


 Photo of Jay, junior golfer with autism and tourettes playing golf.


Hi, my name is Jordan, Jay for short, I’m known on twitter as @jays_golf. I have Autism Spectrum Disorder and Tourettes along with other neuro and physical disabilities.

I love gaming but the biggest thing in my life is golf. I play golf with the Disabled Golf Association and also mainstream golf. I play n the Disabled Golf Associations Race to Wales Tour, I’m the only junior and play against grown men and am currently leading the Order of Merit. I also have played with my clubs Junior 1st Team and also entered Junior Opens this year. Also ISPSHanda Golf Academy have given me the chance to partake in a Sponsors day at Celtic Manor, a ProAm with the Ladies European Tour at The Buckinghamshire and soon I’ll be playing in The Welsh Open ProAm. ISPSHanda is a foundation that helps promote disabled and blind golf.

Golf is great but you have to stay relaxed, I sometimes struggle if my Tourettes is really bad as my tics especially the motor ones interrupt my golf and then I get angry and have a meltdown so I’m working really hard on this with my parents.

In the future I’d love to become a Tour Pro on the PGA Tour.

The biggest thing I have realised in life is nothing is impossible and if you try hard you can do anything you want to do. It might be harder and take longer than someone without disabilities but you can and will be able to do it. If you have a dream you must work for it.

I’m very lucky because I am home schooled. School life was horrible, I was left years behind in learning by the teachers and the children bullied me all the time. Home school is brilliant as it is one to one learning and say you are having a bad day with meltdowns or tics well you can leave it and then do it the next day. I often do learning on Sundays if I need a break in the week. I am currently taking GCSE classes in Maths and Psychology, I’m doing them 3 years earlier than in school and when I left school in 2011 I was 6 years behind in Maths but am now ahead. No one in the home Ed community bullies me either.

If I could wish for one thing it is that people especially kids are taught to be more kind and understanding to people with disabilities, taught awareness and taught that just because we are different we are just as important as they are.

I won’t lie, sometimes having autism and Tourettes is horrible but at least I’m unique.

I have a golf blog you can follow if you like, it is http://jaysgolf2013.blogspot.co.uk/

Article by Jordan
This article was received on the 14th August 2013



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