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Hi2u supporting Dyslexia Together.

Hi2u is proud to participate with the newly formed group Dyslexia Together. A group determined to create equality for people with dyslexia.


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Please take a look at these groups/projects who are also supporting Dyslexia Together.

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Dyslexia Together's first task.

The first tasks Dyslexia Together is taking on. Is to highlight and seek apology for the discrimination that appeared in an ITV "Jeremy Kyle Show" episode broadcast on 16 November 2012. When Jeremy Kyle, during part of this episode. Humiliated a guest with dyslexia on a number of issues! One of which was the dyslexic person failing to remember the dates of his children's birthdays. Use the Dyslexia Together petition link below to see a YouTube video showing this humiliating part of the show. When you have seen this video you will realise that Jeremy Kyle has given a wrong and damaging image of dyslexia to our communities that could affect other people with dyslexia participating in society.

Dyslexia together have written a letter to ITV and organised a petition for "ITV Jeremy Kyle Show: Apologise for humiliating a Dyslexic guest and misrepresenting Dyslexia." Please see the following link to sign this petition.

Petition | ITV Jeremy Kyle Show: Apologise for humiliating a Dyslexic guest and misrepresenting Dyslexia. | Change.org

My personal story about memory difficulties with birthdays.

As a person with dyslexia I am very aware of memory difficulties I face and many other dyslexic people face. My memory is good with some things and not with other things.  I have a confession to make I don't know the date of my mum's birthday.  However I can remember her age very well!  Partly because this has never changed she is either 21 or 99 i.e.  On a good day she's 21 on a bad day she's 99 and this has always stayed the same.  However her birthday is not so fixed in my mind.  I associate her birthday with Easter however Easter isn't static.  So is sometimes my mum's birthday is in timing with Easter and sometimes it isn't.  Therefore I am confused as to which month my mum's birthday is I know it's the end of one month or the beginning of a month but I have no idea which month without checking this out.  Many times I have missed by mum's birthday with this difficulty.  So I can really identify with birthday memory issue!

I also can't remember the dates of my brother and sisters birthdays although I can remember what month most of the time.  Sometimes I even forget my own birthday i.e.  I know what date my birthday is, when family and friends send cards they will often be delivered a few days before my birthday.  I decide not to open them until my birthday and then forget completely on one occasion for two weeks and didn't realise until somebody phoned and said have you had a nice birthday.  Then I realized I had completely forgotten that I had a birthday two weeks ago! I must be honest I'm not particularly interested in my birthday it didn't fall on a good day!

I did set up an organiser on a computer to remind me of all these dates. Then operating systems changed and this is no longer operational and I haven't set up this information again on the modern application.

The reason I have explained this is to try and express that memory can cause many problems for people with dyslexia. I wanted to highlight that I could identify with the dyslexic person that was humiliated on the ITV "Jeremy Kyle show". I'm hoping that for many this information about part of my memory difficulties. We'll enable your imagination to understand that dyslexia is complex and not just a reading and writing issue.

Many thanks for reading this article and if you are my mum reading this! I'm sorry I keep forgetting your birthday. I hope your 21 today and I love you very much!


Founder of, hi2u for people with hidden impairments.

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