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GB Learning Disability Team Announced For World Table Tennis Championships.


 Photo of Patrick Cox.
Photo Patrick Cox at the 2013 Sainsbury's School Games
where he won the gold medal in his class.



The UK Sports Association (UKSA) has today (Wednesday 2nd October) announced the team that will represent Great Britain at the 2013 Inas World Table Tennis Championships in Hong Kong this December.

Patrick Cox, aged 19 from Leicester and Adam Thompson, aged 25 from Cheshire, are both set to compete in the class 11 singles category and will take on athletes from across the globe in the hope of reaching the podium.

Adam, who is currently top British male in his class, said: “I’m really delighted to be part of the team, it’s such a great opportunity to compete outside of Europe.

“Inas events like this are really important, without them there wouldn’t be any international class 11 competition - I just can’t wait to get out there now.”

Completing the team is English Table Tennis Association (ETTA) coaches Chris Turner and Shaun Newcomb. Mr Newcomb, himself a former international player, has also been invited to take up the position as Team Manager.

Tracey McCillen, Chief Executive at UKSA, said: “UKSA has worked in close partnership with Mencap Sport and ETTA in a unique collaboration to enable these talented athletes to participate in the World Championships.

“Attendance was, however, only made possible by the generous support of Cathay Pacific Airways, who will act as travel partners by supplying flights for the team. Support like this is hugely important and we would like to extend our most sincere thanks to them.

“These Championships represent a critical step for the athletes as they set their sights on selection for the 2015 Inas Global Games in Ecuador and 2016 Paralympic Games in Rio.”

Carmen Tse, Marketing and Communications Manager for Cathay Pacific, said: “It truly is a great honour to be able to support these talented athletes in their quest to achieve the very highest levels of sporting excellence and we wish them the best of luck for the championships.”

The Inas World Table Tennis Championships will be held on 11th-19th December 2013 and will be the first ever to take place in Hong Kong. Both Patrick and Adam will compete in the class 11 category for athletes with learning disability.

UKSA manages the eligibility and classification process for UK athletes with learning disability. The Great Britain Team is managed by UKSA in collaboration with its four Home Country members, Scottish Disability Sport, Disability Sports Northern Ireland, Welsh Sports Association for People with Learning Disability and Mencap Sport in England.

UKSA promotes, facilitates and supports talented sports people with learning disability in the UK to train, compete and excel in national and international competitive sport.



 Photo of Adam Thompson and Will Bayley
Adam Thompson (left) with former training partner
and Paralympic medallist Will Bayley.



UK Sports Association for People with Learning Disability.



 The above information was received on 2nd October 2013.




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