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Add Your Support Group



Unfortunately the form on this page that enabled support groups to add their group details to the support group pages of this site, is no longer available. This is due to a number of reasons. One of these reasons was misuse of the form to deliver spam messages. It may well be that the contact form may return at some time in the future.

However it may still be possible to add support groups to the "support group" pages of this site. By sending an e-mail with appropriate information about your support group. There is a list of questions below that you can copy and paste to your e-mail, if this makes it easier to answer those questions. Please take time to answer the questions carefully and keep the layout order the same. That will make it easier for us to process your request to have your support group information displayed on this web site. It may be worth taking time to look at what information other groups have provided, by looking at the "Support Group" page on this site.

Please do not provide confidential or personal information in your e-mail as the information provided will be displayed on the world wide web accessible to anyone using the Internet. Subject to technical difficulties.

At present we are only providing this service for support groups based in the UK.


Please can you provide some information about your group? Like what you do, when and where you meet, what other events you have and what support you provide people. Take some time to think how best to describe what your group does to support people with their impairment.

Please select one from the following list that represents what type of group yours is. If nothing from the list fits your group, give an alternative.


The information requested below is for administration purposes only and will not be shown on the Hi2u web site.


Lastly I need to ask you for a well known local or national organisation that can verify who you are? If possible please provide their contact information that is publicly available?

Many thanks for taking time to provide the hi2u 4 people with hidden impairments, web site. With details of your support group. Please go to the "contact info" page of this site to find the e-mail address.


20th October, 2010



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