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ADHD has made me a stronger person.

by, Anonymous


Hi there I am a 19 year old suffering from adhd.

The good point for me.

It is a good thing to have since I think I am happier than most people because I don't follow the rules that they do and I'm energetic and happy all the time, I am constantly looking for something "I feel like doing". I search for things to do that make me happy. This is a great thing to have at times. I am easy to get along with and I love people who are happy and outgoing and wild. I have energy to do things many people say "Do we have to do that now".

Then there're the down side for me.

Well the above is all great and stuff. BUT it interferes with my priorities. The above lifestyle seems to be all I can do. I'm in college and I consider myself an intelligent person but I can't study things that I even like. My minds tells me to go and listen to some energetic music and dance. My mind tells me that you should take a whole week off college and enjoy it even though the consequences are going to be very drastic for you. My mind tells me that you are abnormal because you go wild over people because you feel like it. People consider me very weird because I can't stay quiet and my positive energy is too much for them that I was all my life on my own. But I have found one good friend now. My supposed to be best friend doesn't bother keep in contact with me and I feel lonely sometimes. but with time i learned not to care.

ADHD has made me a stronger person that most "normal" people. It just makes simple things in life so difficult for me. It gives me an uncertainty of where I'll be in a few months time.


All the best.



This story was received on 5th November, 2004


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